Thejaswini Coconut Farmers Producer Company Ltd. (TCFPCL) is a producer company promoted by Coconut Development Board, Ministry of Agriculture Cooperation and Farmers’ Welfare, Government of India and NABARD. It was registered under company’s act of India on 3rd June 2013. The company is also associated with CPCRI, DCCD, KVIC, Kerala Tourism, KAU, and SFAC. The company is governed by Board of Directors which is chaired by Mr. Sunny George (Karshakasree 2010). Thejaswini is implementing the central schemes of Government of India and state schemes of government of Kerala for agriculture development of small and marginal farmers in agribusiness activities. The company is also procures all agri produces from farmers and value adding at the processing plant at Peringome, Kannur.

The company is pioneer in organizing small and marginal farmers as Farmer Producer Societies, Farmers Producers Federations for endowing them with collective power and economies of scale. At present 30000+ small and marginal farmer members via 272 Farmer Producer Societies and 16 Farmer Producer Federations are affiliated with Thejaswini. It provides a platform for increased accessibility and cheaper availability of agricultural inputs to small and marginal farmers and in establishing forward and backward linkages in supply chain management. This initiative has triggered mobilization of farmers for aggregation across the Kannur and Kasargod districts of Kerala with ultimate aim of sustainable business model and augmented incomes. Recently the company has been entered in to the task of Responsible Tourism (RT) initiatives of department of tourism, Government of Kerala to integrate the products, services and the local community for utilizing the opportunities in tourism. Recently NABARD has announced Thejaswini as the agency for implementing Umbrella Programme in Natural Resource Management (UPNRM). The KVIC has also selected Thejaswini as the implementing agency of SFURTI scheme.


To meet the demands posed by major global trends in agricultural development and challenges faced by member farmers, Thejaswini has identified key priorities on which it is best placed to intervene. A comprehensive review of the company’s comparative advantage was undertaken which enabled strategic objectives to be set, representing the main areas of work on which Thejaswini will concentrate its efforts in striving to achieve its vision.

  1. To undertake or assist in undertaking programs for employment generation, growth and diversification of agriculture & agro-based industries to increase food production and export of agriculture products, in both primary and processed forms.
  2. To identify, promote and establish post-harvest processing/manufactures units among the members and its own.
  3. To promote organization of marketing chain both for domestic and export marketing
  4. To influence Government policies for agriculture, thereby increasing the flow of resources and augmenting the rate of capital formation in agriculture sector.
  5. To pave the way for establishment of integrated producers’ organizations with forward and backward linkages
  6. To Take up consultancy/research and development activities in agriculture value chain and marketing aspects
  7. To take up implementation of schemes and programs of various Government of India (GoI) and Government of Kerala, Ministries and Departments
  8. To interlink all activities of agriculture and connect them with Tourism for opening a new vista of opportunity
  9. To find out new markets for all indigenous produce of the farm including fruits and vegetable